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The Faculty Center is directed by the Chair of the Faculty, and is staffed by two employees who manage and coordinate the activities and proceedings of the Faculty Senate, as well as the Faculty Senate Standing committees, General Faculty committees, and University-wide committees. The Faculty Center's meeting room can host meetings of up to ten people, and offers resources regarding faculty/shared governance to any member of the faculty or the University Community.


1216 E. Mabel Street
PO Box 210456
Tucson, AZ 85721-0456
(2 streets north of Speedway and west of Mountain)
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Voicemail: (520) 621-1342
Phone: (520) 621-1338
Fax: (520) 621-8844
Email: facultycenter@email.arizona.edu

Office of Faculty Governance Personnel


Chair of the Faculty COE

Associate Professor

Nutritional Sciences CALS

Senior Information Resources Officer Librarian

UA Library Administration ADM

Faculty Center Program Coordinator, Senior

Faculty Center Program Coordinator


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