University-Wide General Education Committee

The University-wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) is charged with the review and approval of all curriculum changes in general education across the University, assessment of the program, and disseminating General Education information to the campus community and its partners. All instruction and curriculum action items approved by the UWGEC are forwarded to the Undergraduate Council for review and submission to the Faculty Senate for approval.

Membership Requirements

The University-wide General Education Committee and its officers shall be composed according the Constitution and By Laws including:

  • Faculty representatives from each of these colleges:
    • Agriculture and Life Sciences (two voting members)
    • Applied Science and Technology (one voting member)
    • Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, Education, Nursing, and Pharmacy (one shared voting member)
    • Eller College of Management (two voting members)
    • Engineering (one voting member)
    • Fine Arts (two voting members)
  • Foundations: English Composition (one voting member)
  • Foundations: Mathematics (one voting member)
  • Foundations: Second Language (one voting member)
  • Graduate student (one voting member)
  • Honors College (one voting member)
  • Humanities (two voting members)
  • Science (two voting members)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (two voting members)
  • Undergraduate student - junior or senior (one voting member)
  • University Libraries (one voting member)
  • Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs office (ex officio non-voting)

The chair is chosen in consultation between the Chair of the Faculty and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and serves a three-year, renewable term. The chair of UWGEC is a voting member of the Undergraduate Council, and reports to the Senate through or in concert with the UGC chair.
UWGEC Membership