University Committee for Monitoring Labor & Human Rights Issues

The University of Arizona bears a responsibility to exercise leadership in labor and human rights matters. To this end, the University Committee for Monitoring Labor and Human Rights Issues strives to ensure that fundamental labor and human rights, particularly those articulated in the April 30, 1999 Commitments Relating to Sweatshops, are implemented by University licensees.

The committee makes recommendations to the President regarding fundamental labor and human rights issues including codes of conduct for licensees, monitoring of licensees, efforts to improve licensee compliance, and relations with non-compliant licensees.

The committee is also charged with educating the University community and the broader public about these issues.

Membership Requirements

The University Committee for Monitoring Labor and Human Rights Issues is composed of seven faculty members nominated by the Nominating Committee or by other members of the General Faculty and approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, two student representatives appointed by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and the Graduate and Professional Student Council, respectively, and one community member selected by the committee itself. Appointees shall have demonstrated interests and/or areas of expertise in labor and human rights issues. Members shall serve for three-year renewable terms. The Committee will elect a chair and vice chair within the committee who shall serve one-year renewable terms.

Upcoming Meetings 

To Be Determined: This Committee meets as needed, typically no more than once a month.