Recognizing Shared Governance and Faculty Governance Service to the Campus

The shared governance and faculty governance bodies of the University of Arizona require sustained and dedicated leadership to ensure they are appropriately nurtured and managed.  Attracting excellent, thoughtful, analytical and diverse leaders to these roles from across our academic colleges is of high importance for the strong stewardship of the university.  In recognition of the effort and time commitments that the leaders in particular devote to these activities, the Provost and the Chair of the Faculty have agreed that support be provided in the form of stipends, teaching relief, and/or Service Workload Assignment, and that for each of these leadership roles listed below, at least 10% of the person’s Workload Assignment in the Service category shall be assigned to this activity.

Specific details may be found on the Provost’s website:

Faculty Governance Leadership Roles:

  • Chair of the Faculty
  • Vice Chair of the Faculty
  • Secretary of the Faculty
  • Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (SPBAC) Faculty Co-Chair(s)
  • University Promotion & Tenure Committee Chair(s)
  • University Continuing Status Committee Chair(s)
  • Undergraduate Council (UGC) Chair
  • Graduate Council (GC) Chair
  • University Wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) Chair

Ron Marx, Interim Provost
Leila Hudson, Chair of the Faculty

Last updated: January 17, 2024