Committee of Eleven

  • The Committee of Eleven shall:

    1. Initiate, promote, and stimulate study and action dealing with and looking toward solutions to situations and/or problems of interest and concern to the faculty and the University.
    2. Make reports to the General Faculty or the Faculty Senate.
    3. Speak for the General Faculty as and when authorized by the General Faculty.

    Membership Requirements

    The Committee of Eleven shall be composed as follows: ten members of the General Faculty, five of whom are elected by the General Faculty each year for a term of two years; the Chair of the Faculty shall be, ex officio, the eleventh voting member, and shall call the first meeting of the committee, at which meeting the committee shall elect its chair. To this number shall be added one voting student delegate selected annually by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and one voting student delegate selected annually by the Graduate and Professional Student Council in whatever manner those bodies determine. The two student delegates shall be invited to attend all regular meetings of the committee.