Faculty Senate Roster

The 70 voting members of the Faculty Senate are comprised as follows: 51 elected representatives (20 At-Large members and 31 members elected by colleges), 10 ex officio representatives, 1 member from the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council, 1 member from the Classified Staff Council and 7 students representatives (4 students from ASUA and 3 students from GPSC). Faculty Senate membership is described in the Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.

Acosta1's picture Acosta, Abraham Senator-at-Large (2021) Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Bennettadamson's picture Adamson, Mr. Bennett ASUA Representative (2020) Undergraduate Student
abehrangi's picture Behrangi, Dr. Ali Senator-at-Large (2021) Associate Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
lehmanb's picture Benson, Dr. Lehman College Representative ELLER (2020) Associate Professor, Management/Organizations ELLER
bourgetc's picture Bourget, Dr. Carine Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, French and Italian COH
brewerm's picture Brewer, Mr. Michael Ex officio: Vice Chair of the Faculty (2020) Faculty Vice Chair, Main Library LIB
angelabrown's picture Brown, Dr. Angela College Representative NUR (2020) Clinical Assistant, College of Nursing NUR
brummund's picture Brummund, Barry Ex officio: Co-Chair of SPBAC (2020) Chief Information Officer, UITS Administration, Chief Information Officer, UITS Administration
rcastro's picture Castro, Ms. Rachel Senator-at-Large (2021) Assistant Librarian, University Library
scolina's picture Colina, Dr. Sonia Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Spanish and Portuguese COH
cooleyj's picture Cooley, Dr. Janet College Representative PHARM (2020) Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science PHARM
ccuillie's picture Cuillier, Ms. Cheryl College Representative LIB (2020) Assistant Librarian, Univ Libraries-Instructional Services Team LIB
xdong's picture Dong, Dr. Xiquan Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
duran's picture Duran, Dr. Javier D Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Latin American Studies SBS
adurand's picture Durand, Dr. Alain-Philippe Ex officio: Dean's Rep. (2021) Dean, College of Humanities
wfink's picture Fink, Dr. Wolfgang College Representative ENGR (2020) Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering ENGR
liesl's picture Folks, Dr. Liesl ex officio (2020) Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
avf's picture Fountain, Dr. Amy Ex officio: Secretary of the Faculty (2020) Associate Professor, Career Track, Linguistics SBS
freybaby's picture Frey, Mr. Jeremy Senator-at-Large (2021) Principal Lecturer, English SBS
geraldj's picture Gerald, Dr. Joe College Representative COPH (2020) Associate Professor, Community Environment & Policy COPH
ghosh's picture Ghosh, Dr. Neel College Representative COS/ Chair of Undergraduate Council (2020) Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry COS
pgordon's picture Gordon, Dr. Paul College Representative COM-Tucson (2020) Director, Curricular Affairs COM-Tucson
lgries's picture Gries, Dr. Lynn College Representative COM-Tucson (2020) Assistant Professor, Surgery COM-Tucson
rhammer's picture Hammer, Dr. Ronald Ex officio: Chair of Graduate Council/Senator at Large (2020) Professor, Basic Medical Science COM-Phoenix
helm's picture Helm, Dr. Sabrina College Representative CALS (2020) Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences CALS
shess's picture Hess, Ms. Sydney ASUA President (2020) ASUA President Undergraduate, ASUA President
jhildebr's picture Hildebrand, Dr. John G Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Neuroscience COS
khiller's picture Hiller, Dr. Katherine Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Emergency Medicine
hinglem's picture Hingle, Dr. Melanie College Representative CALS (2020) Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences CALS
lhudson's picture Hudson, Dr. Leila College Representative SBS (2020) Associate Professor, Middle Eastern & North African Studies SBS
jeh's picture Hunt, Dr. James College Representative CALS (2020) Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Family & Consumer Sciences CALS
jphurh's picture Hurh, Dr. Paul College Representative SBS (2020) Associate Professor, English SBS
mhymel's picture Hymel, Ms. Mona College Representative LAW (2020) Professor, LAW
ljohnson's picture Johnson, Prof. Lauri College Representative CAPLA (2020) Professor, Landscape Architecture & Planning CAPLA
jeffreyjones's picture Jones, Mr. Jeffrey CSC Chair (2020) Information Technology Manager, Campus IT Partnerships, Campus IT Partnerships
knox's picture Knox, Dr. Kenneth College Representative COM-Phoenix (2020) Associate Dean, Administration COM-Phoenix
jllawren's picture Lawrence, Ms. Jennifer APAC Representative (2020) Manager, Business-Finance, Department of Neuroscience, Department of Neuroscience
leafgren's picture Leafgren, Dr. John College Representative COH (2020) Associate Professor, Russian and Slavic Studies COH
aminsimpkins's picture Min Simpkins, Dr. Alice Senator-at-Large (2021) Assistant Dean, Faculty Development COM-T
mmulcahy's picture Mulcahy, Mr. David College Representative COFA (replaces Milbauer while on sabbatical) (2020) Associate Professor, School of Theatre, Film and Television, Associate Professor, Social / Cultural / Critical Theory – GIDP
wtn's picture Neumann, Dr. William College Representative ELLER (2020) Professor of Practice, Management Information Systems ELLER
ohalad's picture Ohala, Dr. Diane College Representative SBS/Chair of Student Affairs Policy Committee (2020) Associate Professor, Linguistics SBS
maliaca's picture Oxnam, Ms. Maliaca Senator-at-Large (2021) Associate Librarian, Digital Innovation & Stewardship LIB
spau's picture Pau, Dr. Stanley College Representative OSC (2020) Professor, Optical Sciences OSC
denisprovencher's picture Provencher, Dr. Denis Senator-at-Large (2021) Department Head, French & Italian COH
rafelski's picture Rafelski, Dr. Johann College Representative COS (2020) Professor, Physics
rcr536's picture Robbins, Dr. Robert Ex officio: President of the UA (2020) Professor, Surgery COM
troberts4024e4's picture Roberts, Mr. Tyler GPSC Representative (2020) Graduate Student
hrodrigu's picture Rodrigues, Helena ex officio Vice President Representative (2021) Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources
katerosenstengel's picture Rosenstengel, Kate ASUA Representative (2020) Undergraduate Student, Undergraduate Student
jruggill's picture Ruggill, Dr. Judd Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Public & Applied Humanities COH
jrussell's picture Russell, Dr. Joellen Senator-at-Large (2021) Associate Professor, Geosciences COS
calebsimmons's picture Simmons, Dr. Caleb College Representative HUM (2020) Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Classics HUM
slepian's picture Slepian, Dr. Marvin College Representative COM-Tucson (2020) Professor, Medicine COM-Tucson
madspaige's picture Smith, Ms. Madison ASUA Representative (2020) Undergraduate Student
ssmith's picture Smith, Dr. S Mae College Representative COE (2020) Retired, Disability Psychoeduc. Studies COE
spece's picture Spece, Dr. Roy Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, College of Law LAW
bstory's picture Story, Dr. Brad College Representative COS (2020) Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Science COS
sulkowski's picture Sulkowski, Dr. Michael College Representative COE (2020) Associate Professor, Disability Psychoeducational Studies COE
jsummers's picture Summers, Dr. Jessica Ex officio: Chair of the Faculty (2020) Associate Professor, Teaching Learning Sociocultural Studies COE
marieteemant's picture Teemant, Ms. Marie GPSC President (2020) Graduate Student, Graduate and Professional Student Council
dustintr's picture Tran, Mr. Dustin GPSC Administrative Vice President (2020) Graduate Student
tropman's picture Tropman, Dr. Matthew College Representative COFA (replaces Selznick while on sabbatical) (2020) Assistant Professor, College of Fine Arts/School of Theatre, Film and Television
gayatri's picture Vedantam, Dr. Gayatri Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Animal & Biomedical Sciences Res. CALS
twilson's picture Wilson, Dr. Thomas College Representative CC (2020) Associate Professor, The Honors College
witte's picture Witte, Dr. Marlys Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Surgery COM-Tucson
rwitte's picture Witte, Dr. Russell Senator-at-Large (2021) Professor, Medical Imaging COM-Tucson
changxuwu's picture Wu, Dr. Sean (Changxu) College Representative ENGR (2020) Professor, Systems and Industrial Engineering ENGR

Total: --/68
Co-Chairs of SPBAC (1 vote)
Classified Staff Council (CSC) (1 vote)



Gloria Klinicki
Janet Gurton



Melinda Burke