Intellectual Property Policy Committee

The ABOR IP Policy (ABOR 6-908) requires that each University President designate an IP Official for their campus, who will "make responsible business decisions regarding protection of Board-Owned IP." At the University of Arizona, the President has designated the Vice President, Tech Launch Arizona as the University's IP Official. 

ABOR Policy also requires 'each University appoint an Intellectual Property Policy Committee of faculty and staff. This committee will review proposed changes to this policy and make its recommendations to the president through the IP Official. Unless otherwise specified in university policy, the Intellectual Property Policy Committee will also operate as a review committee in accordance with this policy."

Our committee is constituted of "not fewer than five persons and composed of faculty and staff. The IP Official appoints the members, with at least half of the appointments based on recommendations made by the Chair of the Faculty Senate, and with inclusion of one member of the Research Policy Committee. The IP Committee hears appeals by Covered Individuals as outlined in Section D and the ABOR IP Policy. The IP Policy Committee may also consider changes in IP Policy proposed by the Faculty Senate and make recommendations to the President through the IP Official. The IP Committee may recommend changes in the IP Policy to the Faculty Senate through the Research Policy Committee."

*Research Policy Committee
**New Members

Laurence Hurley**
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacy 318 PO Box 207
626-5622 |

Stanley Pau*
College of Optical Sciences
Meinel Optical Sciences 427 PO Box 94
626-3908 |

Sangita Pawar
Research Administration
Forbes 316 PO Box 210036
626-3408 |

Rick Snodgrass
Computer Science
Gould-Simpson 711 PO Box 210077
621-6370 |

Young-Jun Son**
Systems and Industrial Engineering
Engineering 111 PO Box 210020
626-9530 |

Justin Walker**
College of Optical Sciences
Meinel Optical Sciences PO Box 210094
621-0207 |