Faculty Senate Roster

The 65 voting members of the Faculty Senate are comprised as follows: 47 elected representatives (20 At-Large members and 27 members elected by colleges), 10 ex officio representatives, 1 member from the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council and 7 student representatives. Faculty Sentate membership is described in the Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.

Abraham, Dr. Matthew Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, English SBS
Baxter, Ms. Jessica GPSC President (2018) Graduate Student, Graduate Student
Bell, Dr. Melanie College Representative COPH (2018) Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Biostatistics COPH
Benson, Dr. Lehman College Representative ELLER (2018) Associate Professor, Management/Organizations ELLER
Bourget, Dr. Carine Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, French and Italian COH
Brewer, Mr. Michael Ex-officio: Faculty Vice Chair (2018) Faculty Vice Chair, Main Library NON
Colina, Dr. Sonia Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Spanish and Portuguese COH
Conway, Dr. William E Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Professor , Mathematics COS
Cook, Pr. James College Representative COFA (2018) Professor , School of Art COFA
Cuillier, Ms. Cheryl College Representative NON (2018) Assistant Librarian, Univ Libraries-Instructional Services Team NON
Dahlgran, Dr. Roger A College Representative CALS (2018) Associate Professor, Agricultural-Resource Economics CALS
Driscoll, Ms. Nancy College Rep CALS (2018) Assistant Professor of Practice, Nutritional Sciences CALS
Dunlap, Ms. Madeline ASUA Representative (2018) Undergraduate Student
Duran, Dr. Javier D Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Spanish and Portuguese COH
Eden, Dr. Susanna APAC Representative (2018) Assistant Director/Water Resources Research Center CALS, Water Resources Research Center
Field, Dr. James Ex officio: Co-Chair Graduate Council (2018) Assistant Dean, Chem & Environmental Engineering, Chemistry & Environmental Engineering ENGR
Fink, Dr. Wolfgang College Representative ENGR (2018) Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering ENGR
Fountain, Dr. Amy Secretary of the Faculty (2018) Associate Professor, Linguistics SBS
Frey, Mr. Jeremy Senator-at-Large (2019) Lecturer, English SBS
Ghosh, Dr. Neel College Representative COS (2018) Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry COS
Goldberg, Dr. Jeffrey Ex officio: Acting Provost Acting Provost, Office of Academic Affairs
Hammer, Dr. Ronald College Representative COM/Phoenix (2018) Professor , Basic Medical Science COM-Phoenix
Hildebrand, Dr. John G Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Neuroscience COS
Hingle, Dr. Melanie College Representative CALS (2018) Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences CALS
Hurh, Dr. Paul College Representative SBS (2018) Associate Professor, English SBS
Hymel, Ms. Mona College Representative LAW (2018) Professor , Law LAW
Johnson, Prof. Lauri College Representative CAPLA (2018) Professor, Landscape Architecture & Planning CAPLA
Klimecki, Dr. Walter Graduate Council Chair (2018) Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology PHARM
Labate, Professor Joseph College Representative COFA (2018) Professor, Art COFA
Le Hir, Dr. Marie-Pierre College Representative COH (2018) Professor, French & Italian COH
Leafgren, Dr. John College Representative COH (2018) Associate Professor, Russian and Slavic Studies COH
Lin, Dr. Wei College Representative ENGR (2018) Associate Professor , Systems & Industrial Engr ENGR
Lubisich, Mr, Matthew ASUA President (2018) Undergraduate Student
Martin, Dr. Edward Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Director, Cooperative Extension CALS
McGarey, Mr. David ASUA Representative (2018) Undergraduate Student
Meixner, Dr. Thomas Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences COS
Myrdal, Dr. Paul College Representative PHARM (2018) Associate Professor , Pharmacy Practice & Science PHARM
Nadel, Dr. Lynn Ex officio: Chair of the Faculty (2018) Professor, Psychology COS
Neumann, Dr. William College Representative ELLER (2018) Professor of Practice, Management Information Systems ELLER
Ohala, Dr. Diane College Representative SBS (2018) Associate Professor, Linguistics SBS
Oxnam, Ms. Maliaca Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Librarian, Digital Innovation & Stewardship NON
Paiewonsky, Pr. Moisés Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Music COFA
Pau, Dr. Stanley College Representative OSC (2018) Professor, Optical Sciences OSC
Pietz, Dr. David Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, History SBS
Pitkin, Ms. Daisy College Representative NON (2018) Assistant Professor, Honors College NON
Provencher, Dr. Denis Senator-at-Large (2019) Department Head, French & Italian COH
Ray, Dr. Dennis Ex officio: Undergradate Council Chair (2018) Professor, School of Plant Sciences CALS
Ritter, Dr. Leslie College Representative NUR (2018) Professor, Nursing/Neurology NUR
Robbins, Dr. Robert President of the UA (2018) Professor, Surgery COM
Romagnolo, Dr. Donato Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Nutritional Sciences CALS
Ruggill, Dr. Judd Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Professor, Africana Studies COH
Russell, Dr. Joellen Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Professor, Geosciences COS
Schon, Dr. Robert College Representative SBS (2018) Associate Professor, Anthropology SBS
Schwartz, Dr. Steven Chair of the Committee of Eleven (2018) Professor , Chemistry/Biochemistry COS
Slepian, Dr. Marvin College Representative COM-Tucson (2018) Professor, Medicine COM-Tucson
Smith, Dr. S Mae College Representative COE (2018) Disability Psychoeduc Studies Retired COE
Spece, Pr. Roy Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Law LAW
Stock, Dr. S. Patricia Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Entomology CALS
Story, Dr. Brad College Representative COS (2018) Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Science COS
Thiyagarajaperumal, Anand Raj GPSC Executive Vice President (2018) Graduate Student, Graduate Student
Vaillancourt, Dr. Allison Ex-officio: SPBAC Co-Chair (2019) Vice President for Business Affairs and Human Resources, Business Affairs and Human Resources
Witte, Dr. Russell Senator-at-Large (2019) Associate Professor, Medical Imaging COM-Tucson
Witte, Dr. Marlys Senator-at-Large (2019) Professor, Surgery COM-Tucson
Woolridge, Ms. Anna ASUA Representative (2018) Undergraduate Student
Yeager, Dr. Andrew College Representative COM (2018) Professor, Medicine & Pediatrics COM-Tucson
Zeng, Dr. Xubin Ex-officio: SPBAC Co-Chair (2018) Professor, Atmospheric Sciences COS

Total: --/69
SPBAC (2 people-1 vote)



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Janet Gurton



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