Shared Governance Review Committee

The Shared Governance Review Committee addresses issues regarding the implementation and functioning of the procedures contained in the Shared Governance Guidelines and Agreements as may be entered into from time to time. It will establish and maintain processes to (1) review compliance with the agreement, (2) examine ways in which apparent breaches of the agreement can be addressed, and (3) consider possible extensions of the agreement. It is the body to which members of the University community can bring particular shared governance concerns, and it will also examine whether the agreement has been violated or is in need of clarification or modification.

Meeting Schedule
This Committee meets as needed.

Membership Requirements

Membership List 2014-15

Annual Report 2013-14

Tracking of Proposals to the Faculty Senate or SPBAC (PDF) (11/14/2002)

Implementing Shared Governance: Best Practices (PDF)

Arizona Revised Statute: ARS 15-1601B (PDF) (Faculty Governance Law)

Shared Governance Review Committee Mission Statement

Plan for Extending Shared Governance