Faculty Senate Meeting


Monday, September 10, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Old Main Silver and Sage Room

1. Call to order

2. Approval of the minutes of May 7, 2018. 2 minutes.

3. Open Session: Statements at the podium on any topic, limited to two minutes. Maximum number of speakers is four. No discussion is permitted, and no votes will be taken. 8 minutes or less. (This session is at capacity)

4. Welcome and report from the Faculty Officers – Chair of the Faculty, Jessica Summers. 20 minutes.

5. Provost’s Report - Chief of Staff, Brian Ten Eyck reporting for Acting Provost Goldberg.

6. President’s Report.

7. Reports for APPC, SAPC, and RPC.

8. Question and answer for CSC, ASUA, GPSC and APAC reports. 5 minutes.

9. Freedom of Expression Q & A - Senior Director of State Relations, Sabrina Vazquez. (10 Minutes)

10. Information Item: Proposal for the College Incorporation of UA South – UA South Interim Dean, Melody Buckner. 20 minutes.

11. Action Item: Non-consent agenda – Proposal to Define Course Components – Chair of the Undergraduate Council, Neel Ghosh. 5 minutes.

12. Information Item: University Career Architect Project (UCAP) Update, Vice President for Business Affairs and Human Resources, Allison Vaillancourt, and Human Resources Director of Compensation, Jan Myers. 10 minutes.

13. Senate Discussion: Topics for discussion for upcoming Faculty Senate meetings – Rountable. 20 minutes.

14. Information Item: Strategic Plan Update, Co-chair, Strategic Planning Committee, Lisa Ordoñez, Director of Sustainability, Trevor Ledbetter, and Vice President for Planning, Design and Construction, Peter Dourlein. 20 minutes.

15. Other business: 2 minutes.

16. Adjournment.