Graduate Council

  • The Graduate Council provides a forum in which matters of concern to graduate education are discussed and the mission of the Graduate College fulfilled. The Council works with the Graduate College to review, establish, and update policies affecting graduate education. Among its roles, the Council is a part of the University process for creating or changing graduate degree programs in the planning and implementation stages, leading to ultimate approval by the Arizona Board of Regents. The Council recommends and reviews the policies and procedures of the Graduate College, including but not limited to admission requirements, degree certification, graduate teaching and research assistantships and recommends priorities for graduate education and supports efforts to achieve them. All instruction, curriculum, and policy action items approved by the Graduate Council are forwarded to the College Academic Administrators Council, Team Provost, and the Senate Executive Committee before advancing to the Faculty Senate for approval.

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    Membership Requirements

    The Graduate Council and its officers shall be composed according to the Constitution and Bylaws including:

    • Faculty members of the Graduate Council chosen by the faculty in each academic college.
    • Two Graduate Coordinators elected by the graduate coordinators from the Colleges. Terms are two years, renewable, and the terms are staggered.
    • Three graduate students selected by the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC).
    • The Dean and Associate Deans of the Graduate College are ex officio voting members of the Graduate Council. 

    The Chair is appointed by the Chair of the Faculty, on advice of the Committee on Committees and in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate College.