• Monday, September 19, 2016

    Chair Talk 3.5 September 2016

    Chair Talk 3.5     Update on Presidential Search At the upcoming ABOR meeting this week the Regents will launch the search. They have announced the choice of a search firm, and will spell out their vision for the search at the meeting in Flagstaff. As you may recall, we recently carried out a survey concerning UA and Presidential characteristics, the summarized results of which were sent to the Co-Chairs of the Search Advisory Committee (Regents Ridenour and Shoopman), and are also appended below. We will do our best to keep faculty informed as this process unfolds. REPORT ON FACULTY SURVEY RE... Read More
  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    2016-2017 Faculty Survey

    DATE:                September 14, 2016TO:                     University of Arizona Faculty FROM:               Lynn Nadel, Chair of the Faculty                           Alex Braithwaite, Chair, Nominating Committee RE:                     Annual Faculty Survey:  Opportunities for University-level Service and Participation in Shared Governance  Your participation on faculty committees helps to protect and improve the quality of this University and the rights of your faculty colleagues. Your voice is needed as we deal with a rapidly changing landscape in teaching, research, information techno... Read More
  • Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    Chair Talk 3.4

    Chair Talk #3.4          Presidential Search – Definitely Read This One   This message is meant to bring faculty up-to-date on the Presidential search process.  I met recently with the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee (Regent Ridenour) and was impressed both by his commitment to this task, and his desire to make certain we get the best President we can.  There will be faculty representation on the Search Committee – exactly what will be determined shortly.   Regent Ridenour asked for our input, to help the committee define its search ‘image’.  In a nutshell, we have been asked to pro... Read More
  • Wednesday, August 24, 2016

    Chair Talk #3.3 August 24, 2016

    Chair Talk #3.3          Getting Off to a Good Start What happens to students in the first few weeks of a new academic year really matters – so I’m going to focus the first part of this Chair Talk on a few things faculty can do right now that make a difference to student success.   First and most important is to engage every student in the learning process.  Easier said than done in large classes of course.   One thing we do know is that students who access D2L more than 3 times in the first two weeks of class are 10% more likely to persist at the UA.  Assuming you use D2L to manage course con... Read More
  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    Chair Talk Vol. 3 - #2

    Chair Talk Vol. 3 #2                 Inclusive Excellence Inclusive Excellence is the UA diversity strategic initiative designed to create a welcoming environment for all.  At the core of the university is the undergraduate classroom – particularly for first and second year students.   Facilitating a diverse and inclusive campus starts there.  Those of you who were here last year know about the Listening Tours and the issues that surfaced in their wake. You also know about the commitments we have made, as an institution, to better live up to stated values around diversity and inclusion.  The C... Read More