• Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Chair Talk 3.24

    Chair Talk 3.24              Choosing the Career Track  Many of you are aware of recent discussions around the use of Nontenure Track faculty (“NTT”) as the overall descriptor for those faculty in positions that are not tenurable –  Instructors, Lecturers, and all ranks of Professor of Practice, Research Professor, Clinical Professor, and Professor, NTE (meaning, Nontenure-eligible). A Faculty Senate working group has been meeting with various groups on campus – business officers, Deans, and Heads and Directors, among others – to gauge the collective appetite for a change from the existing ter... Read More
  • Monday, April 17, 2017

    Spring 2017 Results-General Faculty General Election

    The University of ArizonaCommittee on ElectionsFaculty Center1216 E. Mabel St. - PO Box 210456621-1342   Fax:  621-8844facultycenter@email.arizona.eduApril 17, 2017Press ReleaseSpring 2017 Faculty General Election Results  The Committee on Elections verified election results after the Spring 2017 General Election closed on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, and is pleased to announce the results of the Spring 2017 General Faculty General Election. There were 625 voters of the 3,248 eligible to vote, or 19%. The results are below.  NOMINATING COMMITTEEThere was only one candidate for two seats.*Paula J... Read More
  • Wednesday, April 5, 2017

    Chair Talk 3.23

    Chair Talk 3.23                        The Faculty Role in Choosing our next President  Now that the process for selecting the next University president has essentially run its course, it’s time to provide an account of how faculty impacted this choice. This review is all the more important, given the misleading article that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star over the weekend.  Our input started early, with the distribution to faculty of a survey asking for thoughts about the characteristics deemed most important in the next president.  The results of this survey were distributed to the search... Read More
  • Monday, March 27, 2017

    Chair Talk 3.22 - Modeling Good Citizenship

    Chair Talk 3.22       Modeling Good Citizenship  There is much talk amongst academics about how we can do a better job at preparing our students to be engaged citizens, armed with a respect for facts and evidence-based decision making, and ready to participate in improving civil society.  Many of us are excited by newly energized student activism, and what it portends for the future.  We hope that the next generation will actively work to change society so that it serves the entire community.  Those of us who are not quite ready to blow up the system understand that the best hope for the futur... Read More
  • Monday, March 13, 2017

    Chair Talk 3.21 Next Steps re Immigration & Related Matters

    Chair Talk 3.21   Next Steps in Faculty Senate Statements re Immigration and Related Matters Faculty Colleagues,Having received overwhelming support (96%) from the more than 100+ faculty who responded to the previous Chair Talk and the first drafts of several possible Faculty Senate Resolutions, we have decided to move ahead and introduce revised versions -- now simplified and written as Statements -- to the Senate for adoption.  Thanks to those of you who responded - your suggestions for changes were incorporated where possible.  Those paying close attention will notice that a third Statement... Read More