The University of Arizona

Research Policy Committee

The Research Policy Committee considers matters and forwards action items to the Faculty Senate relating to secrecy, research, conflict of interest, data retention, intellectual property, research ethics, research parks, interaction with industry, patent policy, Arizona Research Laboratory, research institutes, human and animal research, and safety. One faculty member of the Research Policy Committee shall also sit on the Vice President for Research’s Intellectual Property Committee.

Meeting Schedule

Membership Requirements

Membership List 2014-15

Annual Report 2013-14

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Code of Research Ethics (PDF)
(Subscribed to and Adopted by the University of Arizona Faculty Senate 12/7/98)

Policy and Procedures for Investigations of Misconduct in Scholarly, Creative and Research Activities (UHAP 2.13.09 Approved by the Faculty Senate 02/03/03)

Intellectual Property Policy
(Approved by Faculty Senate on 02/14/05)