March 2017 Senate Agenda

Monday, March 6, 2017

3:00-5:00 P.M.

1. Call to order.

2. Approval of the minutes of February 6, 2017. 2 minutes.

3. Information Item: Updates to the ABOR Intellectual Property Policy. Key Changes to ABOR IP Policy and UA IP Policy – UA Associate General Counsel, Anne Stratman, and Vice President for Tech Launch Arizona, David Allen. 15 minutes.

4. Report from the Faculty Officers. 5 minutes.

5. Question and answer for ASUA, GPSC and APAC reports. 5 minutes.

6. Report from the Provost. 5 minutes.

7. Report from the President. 10 minutes. 

8. Question and answer for Chair, Provost and President. 10 minutes.

9. Open Session: Statements at the podium on any topic, limited to two minutes. Maximum number of speakers is four. No discussion is permitted, and no votes will be taken. 8 minutes or less.

10. Action Item: Implementation Request for a Department of Public and Applied Humanities in the College of Humanities - College of Humanities Associate Dean, Kimberly Jones. 10 minutes.

11. Information Item: University Career Architecture Project – Vice President for Human Resources and Business Affairs, Allison Vaillancourt and Director for Human Resources and Strategic Planning, Kelly Delforge. 15 minutes.

12. Action Item: Non-consent agenda: Approval to amend the grades and the Grading System Policy with information on C grades as course prerequisites – Chair of the Undergraduate Council, Dennis Ray. 5 minutes.

13. Action Item: Consent agenda: Proposal to Eliminate the use of K Grades in 900-level courses, and MA In Human Rights with Budget with Executive Summary – Chair of the Graduate Council, Walter Klimecki. 5 minutes.

14. Information Item: Public Access Working Group – Director, Copyright - Scholarly Communications, Dan Lee, and Librarian, Chris Kollen. 10 minutes.

15. Other business: 2 minutes.

16. Adjournment.

       This is the link for the live audio steam of the Faculty Senate meeting on Monday, March 6. The audio will not begin until 3:00 pm.