SPBAC 2012 Subcommittee

President Shelton asked that the members of this subcommittee be “committed to engaging in knowledgeable, candid and constructive discussion with the President, Provost and other members of the central administration in order to achieve the following:

  1. Advise in a timely and proactive fashion on major issues confronting the University of Arizona while maintaining a commitment to the highest quality academic programs;
  2. Serve as a communication nexus between the central administration and the campus community, bringing ideals, concerns and opportunities to the central administration and conveying decisions and rationale to the campus community.

To achieve these goals and realize maximum impact, SPBAC 2012 members will allocate sufficient time and energy to master the complexities of the University of Arizona, its fiscal and political environment, and its mission as a public land-grant university committed to serve the people of Arizona.”

Committee Members (PDF)